Need Some More Inspiration? Go Fly A Kite

Monday, June 16, 2008
By Jill Earl

On a Saturday earlier this month, I found myself up before the crack of dawn heading to the outskirts of Ocean City, a resort town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I’d been invited by Lynn, a close friend, and jumped at the chance to get away for an overnight to her parents’ place. Great opportunity for inspiration to strike, which it did of course.

Now, I don’t do the beach, prefer to take it in small doses. Actually, I don’t do summer---the heat, the humidity---the heat. In fact, if I could hibernate from June until the end of September, I’d be fine.

Anyway, Lynn, her foster son D’Andre, Paul and I reached the retirement community Lynn’s parents’ live in and settled in to luxury. We rested, had great conversations, ate wonderfully big breakfasts like waffles and french toast in the sun room, saw a great blue heron as we explored the nature reserve, and went to the beach. We were caught in a huge thunderstorm on the boardwalk, trapped in a chocolate shop for an hour or so. A chocoholic’s fantasy, with samples.

Sunday found us heading for the dunes of Fenwick Island in Delaware, a short drive away. Under the gaze of curious sunbathers, we launched the trio of kites Lynn always keeps in her car’s trunk. I got the seagull one, and after some false starts, it soared skywards. It was so very cool watching it catch the air currents, rising higher and higher. Even better, the kite caught the attention of real gulls, who drifted in the check out the newcomer. The kite stayed airborne for a good long time, and when I was done, it glided to a perfect landing on the sand. We headed back late, sad to return. But I came back with some great ideas.

Take advantage of inspiration, keep that notepad handy to jot down ideas. You’ll never know when it’ll strike.

Maybe even when you’re flying a kite.


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