Good Ole Pen and Paper

Saturday, March 08, 2008
I think many of us not only like to write, but we also appreciate the tactile qualities of sitting down with pen and paper at times. I know, pen and paper? How antiquated and quaint in this age of computers, e-mails, blogs, websites, etc. While I love the speed and convenience of typing on a computer (as well as never having to use White-out again), for personal journaling, I still use a book full of blank pages.

The pages can take on a somewhat mystical quality. They become more than paper; they turn into possibilities. Each blank sheet is ready to become filled with the best, or worst, ideas. There's something deeply satisfying about writing down my thoughts, venting about bad days, recording something nice that happened, all in my own hand. Some days, my writing is pretty neat. Other times, when I'm in a hurry or upset, it's almost illegible. But I always feel a connection to the past when I write like this.

Before e-mails, people wrote letters. I used to write a lot of letters when I was younger. Maybe you did, too. I even have some letters from high school friends and penpals and it seems each one contains more emotion and sentiments than the many e-mails I read every day, which can be deleted with one mouse click.

Tell me I'm not alone in my love of this almost outdated mode of communication. Will there come a day when we don't pick up a pen anymore, for anything? I certainly hope not.


anthonynorth said...

As an old-fashioned sort, I tried to hold on to pen and paper, but I'm afraid I failed.

Angela Mackintosh said...

I have so many handwritten journals that I've saved throughout the years and I cherish. The only problem is my handwriting is so sloppy, it's hard to read, LOL. ;o)

Angela said...

I always write my stories on paper first with lead pencils, the ones you click to get more lead, I like those the best.. There is only one exception of a story that I wrote on the computer without my trusty paper and Pencil..
I find that the best way to make a first draft is write on notebook paper, that way you can make all the notes you want in the margins..
And, it you can rewrite all you want without pushing backspace.
Paper will never go out of style I think, it will just fade and come back again someday.

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