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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
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Online Book Publicity Workshop Feb. 4-29, 2008: Helps Authors Build Buzz

Got a book coming out you want to hype? Has your publisher’s publicist moved on to other projects? Do you have a book in stores that you know deserves more media attention than it’s getting? Are you working on a proposal that would benefit from a better understanding of what you can do to promote your book? You need “Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz,” a dynamic online course taught by a veteran publicist and author.

Offered February 4-29, 2008, the class is taught in a forum format, with lessons and homework assignments posted online in a private, password-protected forum. The highly-interactive course covers:
• How to create a book publicity blueprint you’ll be excited about
• The single secret most authors don’t know about generating ongoing media exposure
• The most effective and cost-efficient publicity tactics
• How to generate buzz online using virtual book tours and other techniques
• Radio and TV producer hot buttons
• How to bring an energizing new level of creativity to your publicity efforts
Students receive instructional materials and resources and complete weekly assignments that help them discover how easy it is to create book buzz. Student interaction on the forum enhances the learning experience by offering fresh perspectives and new ideas for all participants while instructor guidance and input takes your work to the next level. A free-for-all Q&A corner lets students get answers to questions not covered in the course materials, making this a highly-personalized learning experience for nonfiction and fiction authors.

Registration is $179 and is limited to 20 students; deadline for registration is February 1, 2008. To register for the original course, go to To register for the course tailored to the needs of self-published authors, go to

The class is taught by Sandra Beckwith, a recovering award-winning publicist; publisher of the free e-zine Build Book Buzz; and author of three books, including two on publicity topics.

Send course inquiries to Beckwith at


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