Marci Mangham Publishes her first Book!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Congratulations Marci! We're thrilled and can't wait to read it! As you all know, Marci won our hearts with her flash fiction story, The Wedding Zinger, which placed Third in our Spring 2007 Contest! It's always great to hear it when a WOW! alumni member publishes a book, so we urge all of you ladies to check it out and send Marci your kudos.

Here's a synopsis of Both Ends Burning:

A kaleidoscope of villains and heroes - including a teenage dreamer, a grieving widower, a persistent ghost, a perplexed amnesiac, a reluctant Mafioso, and a mythical creature with a penchant for story telling - waits to entertain you in this varied collection of short stories.

Fantasy, comedy, the supernatural, death, growing up, and even a little romance are woven throughout. There are recollections from the past, stories of the present and musings on the future.

Each of the stories inhabits a unique world, even those with common themes and recurring characters. The characters within are quirky, troubled, floundering, somber, goofy, and some are just plain evil. But what connects them to one another, and to each of us, is their humanity.

Both Ends Burning is available at

Check out Marci's new website for more updates:


Anonymous said...

You're the best, Angela!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. My name is Marci Mangham as well. Was, am now Marci Emery. Very strange to see someone with your own name, especially when it's not a common name. Congratulations on your book. If you're curious, my website is

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