The Power of Voice

Monday, April 30, 2007
A writer greets the world most often with her voice rather than a handshake or a hug. One wonderful aspect to every woman’s voice is the layers echoing behind it. Generations of multi-taskers tickle the words we choose whether we think about it or not. The women of our pasts, whether they were great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, aunts, older sisters, adoptive moms, or foster parents -- a few or a single one -- spoke into our minds when we were young and, without realizing it, conveyed to us their sensitivity, emotion, warmth, and love that lay behind their chosen words. Although these women may no longer be with us, face to face, their voices will never leave us.

For some of us, we might’ve soaked up a heavier amount of the type-A personality tones; for others we might’ve gathered a veil of shyness; yet for many women a fine potpourri colors our chosen voices, leaving a balanced mix of tones. I don’t think any two women writers could echo the same voice in their writings on the same subject anymore than any two people could echo the same identity anywhere in the world.

The best part about women writers’ voices is the innate understanding and warmth that lingers between their words, keeping each of us afloat, above all of life’s hardships in marriage, parenting, jobs, or illnesses.

This is a thanks to everyone -- this includes contest entry writers, freelancers, editors, agents, published authors, and anyone else -- who contributes to this website. Your voices echo in my mind long after I walk away from my computer screen and add meaning to my life in many ways like a cyber sisterhood of sorts. We don’t need to be face to face, as long as we can hear a true voice in each other’s writings.



Jean said...

What a wonderful yet true thought! We are all sisters on the same journey. We may be at different places on that journey but no one under stands what another woman is dealing with better than another woman who has been there, done that.

And no one understands what a writer is going through other than another writer.

Ohhh...I feel a group hug coming on:--)


WOW! said...

Thank you for your words, they will always be a part of me.

What a beautiful incentive to build up the courage to hit the send button or put our written work in an envelope and mail it.

I'm with Jean, let the group hug begin.


WOW! said...

What a beautiful post. We are all connected in a meaningful way... through writing, which is an extension of our hearts.

You have me thinking... I should make t-shirts that say "Cyber Sisterhood"!



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