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Friday, October 06, 2006
Our friend Sol over at has some exciting news!

Newton, MA - Aury Wallington, a writer for Sex and the City, Veronica Mars, and The Wedding Album, and author of a series of novels based on the popular television show The OC is teaming up with the new site to debut her novel POP!

“We’re really excited about helping Aury get the word out about her novel. We think the readers on the site will enjoy the advance peek they are getting,” said Sol Nasisi, the Founder and Director of TheNextBigWriter, LLC, the company that launched Booksie.

Aury’s new novel POP! is about Sex, Love and Friendship:

In POP!, seventeen year old Marit’s hilarious and disastrous attempts to juggle sex, love, and friendship leave her in danger of losing all three. POP! delivers an entertaining, thoughtful, and realistic portrayal of the emotional minefield of first love.
“I’m thrilled to be giving readers a sneak peek at the first chapter of POP!,” said author Aury Wallington. “Writing is such a solitary endeavor, but a site like Booksie makes me feel like I’m not alone. It’s amazing to be able to connect and interact with thousands of readers, and the immediacy of the site is so exciting and inspiring.”

Have you been to Booksie yet?

Booksie is a free site for writers to share and promote their writing. “Booksie provides writers with a platform to put their work in front of thousands of readers, while providing readers with an enormous choice and the ability to interact with the writers they like, said Sol Nasisi, Founder and Director of TheNextBigWriter.

Using Booksie, writers can quickly and easily share and promote their work over the web. With just a few clicks of the mouse writers can upload their novels, short stories, and poems to an eager worldwide audience that is growing daily. Writers determine how much or how little they wish to publish on the site. In addition, writers can receive and respond to reader comments and accumulate and manage a fan-base. Work that is highly ranked by readers appears on the site’s Top 20 list and receives even more exposure.

Empowered Readers

Readers on the site receive access to a rapidly growing list of work, easily searchable by keyword, tag, genre, and author. In addition, readers can leave comments and engage the writers, and through the ranking system determine which work will make it onto the various Top 20 lists. “Booksie offers readers an empowered reading experience. They don’t just have the opportunity to read, but can interact and with each other and with the authors on the site,” said Mr. Nasisi.

To read POP! on Booksie visit Aury Wallington’s Booksie page at: Aury Wallington on Booksie!

Read the first chapter of POP! or the work of other writers at

In addition to, TheNextBigWriter operates TheNextBigWriter an online writing workshop with over 4,000 registered members.

TheNextBigWriter, LLC provides the tools to empower writers and to bring readers new material from emerging and established writers. In addition to, the company also operates, an online writing workshop with over 4,000 registered members, and, a resource site for writers covering the art and business of writing. Together, these sites reach tens of thousands of writers and readers per month.


Congratulations Sol on the successful launch of your new website and we look forward to all the exciting things to come!


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