To read or not to read, that is the question.

Thursday, September 21, 2006
This month I have the privilege of doing a review on the book of my choice. Time constraints with deadlines and life have me reading books by authors we are interviewing. Then Angela suggested a BW (before WOW!) book that I read, reminding me that I had several things to say about it. Yeah, you’ll have to wait for the October issue to find out which book I choose. However, this did get me to thinking about all the choices we have in the wonderful world of books.

Way, way before television, when Abraham Lincoln was reading by the light of the fireplace, and then way, way before that, men/women cherished books and read with joy and satisfaction. When was the last time you watched television and had that feeling? I don’t mean to knock TV completely, it certainly has its place—and we all have personal preferences about that. Nevertheless, I have to say, sometimes when watching TV, I stop and think, if the writer for that program did what I’m doing...there would be no program to watch.

Of course, someone else could argue, if no one watched the program there would be no reason to write it. Another one of life’s paradoxes, and my answer to that paradox (and the title to this little piece) is to decide if I could write something better, and if I can, I need to do so; and, if not, I should relax and enjoy the fruitage of another writer’s labor...OR, READ A GOOD BOOK!


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