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Sunday, September 24, 2006


This collar is no fashion statement

My pretty little Designer Dog (we had no idea nine years ago that our little puppy would be a social climbing aid) has very sensitive skin. Despite all the efforts made, a scoundrel flea attacked and bit--at great cost to him and Abda. My four-legged friend has Advantage on him, not good news for the flea.

Our outing wasn't the 'walk in the park' I had hoped for. Dr. Moon, our vet, banned us from the park. (Actually, I'm still allowed, but I would feel too guilty going there without him.) Dr. Moon surveyed the damage where Abda had gone into a biting frenzy because of the itching during the two hours I was gone. Flea dermatitis is a sad condition to have.

He created a bald spot about the size of a half-dollar and it hurt just to see the glowing red on his fawn to silver left haunch. Now Abda is sporting a blue plastic collar with black padded trim for comfort. Comfort, they must be kidding, I haven't been comfortable since I put it on him...uh, Abda is actually taking this much better than I am.

Since I must stick with the title, I have to admit that he does carry this look off better than some dogs I've seen. Picture this transparent, medium blue cone (collar), framing his Shih-Poo sweet little face. His ears, little palm-tree of silky black hair, and those adorable dark Shih-Tze eyes, peering above the flowing black hair that covers the rest of his face, excepting his silvery beard...

Hey, I said the collar was no fashion statement, I didn't say Abda wasn't a gorgeous dog--that wins everyone's heart.

Misery must love company, I feel so much better now that I've shared the trauma of this past week. Actually, it is fun visiting with you. However, a word to the wise, protect against those pesky fleas; not everyone looks good in a plastic blue collar.

Take care,



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