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Monday, May 09, 2022


I'm excited to announce the WOW! Women on Writing book blog tour with author and Audry Fryer and her book Until Next Sunday. 

This book is written with so much heart - you can't help but fall in love with the characters from this historical romance!

Here's a bit about the book:

 After bravely leaving the life she knew to come to America, 
illness threatens Rosina’s happily ever after. 
When separated, will letters keep their love alive? 

Rosina leaves Italy to build a better life, but the reality in America is nothing like the dream. She is far from the Italian countryside and the beautiful olive groves where she grew up. Here the work is endless, and the winters are cold and desolate. She never expects to find love in such a place. 

Then she met him. Gianni, the shoemaker’s apprentice, is gentle, handsome, and everything she never knew she needed in her life. 

But when Rosina falls ill and is quarantined, their future is at stake. All she can do is cling to the beautiful letters Gianni writes. Each week she tries to survive the long, lonely days until next Sunday for his brief visit. 

Will fate bring Rosina and Gianni together once more? Or are they destined to remain star-crossed forever? 

Until Next Sunday is a sweet historical romance inspired by a true story. It is based on actual Italian love letters which were discovered a century after they were written (some of which are contained in this book.) It is a portrait of the times, and a true immigrant experience. Feel the force with which these two lives find love, against all odds.

Purchase your own copy on: Smashwords, Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.

About the Author

Audry Fryer is an author and professional freelance writer from Pennsylvania. Formerly a teacher, Audry wrote her first novel while her toddler son and twin babies napped. As her children have grown into teenagers, she has expanded her writing career. Audry lives with her family and two pugs in a quiet corner of Southeastern PA. To learn more about Audry, please visit her website at

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...............interview by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto 

WOW: How was Until Next Sunday born? I loved the book and can't wait to hear the behind-the-scenes details about how everything started! Do tell us all the great details! 

Audry: You could say that Until Next Sunday was born over a hundred years ago when Gianni wrote his very first love letter to Rosina. Over the next several months, they would write over a hundred love letters to each other as they persevered to keep their love alive during a difficult separation. Later in life, Rosina lovingly archived those letters in an album intended for photographs and stored them in her attic. When Rosina died, the box containing the album of love letters was passed from family member to family member, attic to attic. Eventually, a family member took an interest in the letters. But they were written in an Italian dialect that couldn't be easily translated. Amazingly, the family found a translator, a professor at the University of Delaware, who was traveling to visit his family in the same region of Italy. Until Next Sunday includes a beautiful letter from Biagio, the translator. The family, specifically three sisters, the granddaughters of Rosina, could finally read the letters. They knew they had to share this beautiful love story with the world. First, they pursued making it into a movie. However, they received advice that they should create a novel first. Here's where I come in! 

One of the sisters, Laurie, married my husband's uncle. She knew I was an author and had self-published two ebooks on Amazon. She asked if I'd be interested - I jumped at the opportunity. Soon, I received a box of papers containing the typed-up copies of the love letters. That was the summer of 2016. During the next five years, I would write and rewrite the story several times. I eventually worked with an editor and, finally, an independent publisher. By the time we published Until Next Sunday on February 14th of this year, those love letters had made an incredible journey- much like Rosina and Gianni had when they immigrated to America! 

WOW: That is such an amazing story in and of itself. Definitely a labor of love for everyone involved! What was the most difficult part of this project? How did you overcome it? 

Audry: There were two difficult parts. 

First, the love letters only told part of the story. I had to research, imagine, and piece together what must have occurred from letter to letter. 

The second difficult part was making sure the story made sense. There were so many unanswered questions the letters left us wondering. For example, what was the true cause of Rosina's illness? Was it tuberculosis or an infected tooth? And, what prevented Rosina from leaving the sanitorium? By the time we, meaning myself and the three sisters, reached out to an editor, I had created several versions of the story. The developmental editor we worked with was incredible. She guided me to where changes needed to be made and helped shape the story into a true page-turner. 

WOW: As someone who has read the book, I must say you did a fabulous job making everything seamless - it never felt like any pieces or details were left out! Who has been your greatest supporter when it comes to writing and publishing your work? 

Audry: My parents have been my greatest supporter of my writing and publishing work. I credit my mom for my love of reading, leading to my desire to write. We both share and discuss books often. She reads so much more than me, so she's always letting me know her critique. If she says I'll like a book, she's usually right! And, best of all, she loved reading Until Next Sunday. As for Until Next Sunday, the story's creators, Linda, Susan, and Laurie, have boosted my writing career. When they entrusted me with their grandparent's story, I felt honored. And because of them, I was finally able to have a print version for sale. I'll never forget Laurie handing me the advanced copy of the paperback. It felt unbelievable to hold a book I wrote in my hands! 

WOW: Now you've held your book baby! I definitely love that term and congratulations to you and your tribe of supporters on this birth!

If Until Next Sunday was made into a movie, what song do you think should be part of the movie version? (and why) 

Audry: When Until Next Sunday is made into a movie (and I say "when," not "if" because it's a real goal), I found the perfect song - "A Sunday Kind of Love" by Etta James. It's a classic, soulful, romantic song that's not well known. I love her voice. Most people know Etta James for "At Last" which is another fantastic song. I found the song, "A Sunday Kind of Love" when I created a playlist on Spotify for Until Next Sunday. The playlist is part of my free book club kit download that you receive for signing up for my bi-weekly newsletter at You don't have to be in a book club to enjoy it - it's fun for all readers. Also, if you want to listen to the playlist I made of romantic songs with a flair of Italian, search Spotify for the playlist entitled, Until Next Sunday. It's a great soundtrack to play in the background when you're cooking an Italian-inspired meal. 


WOW: That's such a great song - thanks for the explanation AND now I will be waiting (rather impatiently) to watch the movie of Until Next Sunday!

In the meantime - What's next for you? 

Audry: The only critique we've received for Until Next Sunday is that readers want more. They want more backstory, more details, and more scenes. They want to know what happened before the story began and more about their lives after the story ends. So I'm open to writing a prequel or a sequel in the future. For right now, I'm working on my website and my Book Lover's Blog. I want my website and my blog to be a helpful resource for readers to find fantastic book recommendations and informative tips for living their book lover lifestyle to the fullest. I plan to write posts about everything from creating a reading nook to finding the best reading apps and more.

WOW: There are so many exciting things in the work for you Audry, and we here at WOW! can't wait to see all your dreams come to fruition! Thanks for reaching out and having us be part of your plan to spread the word about Until Next Sunday! We are excited for your tour and beyond! 

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