Friday Speak Out!: 5 Reasons for Young Women to Get Involved in Writing

Friday, February 23, 2018
by Honor Perkins

Every since I was a little girl, I’ve struggled with social situations. I’ve never been the smartest kid in the grade, and I’ve certainly never been good at sports. However, I have always been good with words. I love speaking. I love conveying my thought across with writing. No matter the context of the situation, whether it be typing, public speaking, or just every day communication, I know how to get my point across. This is a big part of the reason I started writing. Since I have some experience in the writing world, I thought I would share five reasons that young women should pick up writing.

1. It Builds Character
Literature is a great way to help find yourself. Whether you’re reading it or writing it, you can learn a lot through the stories. Writing is a form of art. You can take all of your feelings, emotions, and opinions and let them flow out into your writing. There is something so satisfying when you work hard on a piece of work, and then you can finally submit it and share it with people.

2. People Love to Read Work from Others
Ordinary people enjoy reading. They like reading from all different types of authors. Young, old, male, female, experienced, or inexperienced, they enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts and views. By writing, you are not only getting benefits for yourself, but you can also be providing a service to others.

3. It’s Fun
Writing isn’t just something we learned how to do in school so we could work on essays. Writing is a beautiful way to express yourself. I have sat down to write a little essay and ended up writing for hours. It can almost be considered an escape for some. It is a way to just put everything aside and enjoy the present moment.

4. It Helps Organize your Thoughts
The human brain can be a very scary place. On a daily basis, we have thousands of opinions, views, ideas, and theories. Most of us don’t really get a chance to sit down with someone and discuss these things. The world is a fast moving place, and your thoughts can get covered up and forgotten about. Writing can help you get all of these things organized. It can help you understand these thoughts and figure out what to do with them, instead of brushing them under the rug and failing to ever mention them to any one.

5. Your Opinions ARE Valid
As women, and especially young women, we often don’t know the true power of our words. We do have power. Your opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s. You have the right to speak your mind loud and clear for everyone to hear. People deserve to know the amazing thoughts that you have. So get out there and start sharing them with the world.

* * *
Honor Perkins is a young writer who is just getting started online. She enjoys writing about topics that pique the attention of audiences of all ages. In her free time, she likes charity work, spending time with her family, and attending school classes to better herself. As someone who enjoys writing, she hopes to put her opinions forward to the world and hopefully put her name out there. 
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Carol Coven Grannick said...

Let's just say "5 reasons for ANY women to get involved in writing", young, old, in-between. Hurrah for the written word!

Angela Mackintosh said...

You are preaching to the choir! Great post, Honor. I especially appreciate numbers 4 and 5. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and find answers. I often say that I write towards the truth. And yes, I believe everyone has a unique point of view and voice, and there's room for all types of writing. I love your name, btw! Thanks for the post. :)

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