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Monday, February 25, 2013
Like many writers, I find my life to be a valuable source of material. But what magical formula can transform that stupid thing I did last Thursday into a piece that will make readers laugh, cry, or smile as they recognize a reflection of themselves? I often find that magic in reading the work of other writers. Reading the writing of others can often help my brain recognize pieces of my life that would make intriguing subjects for my writing. And when I find such a valuable source of talented writers, I am eager to tell other writers about this magic.

I found 80 pages of magic recently when reading issue 47 of Creative Nonfiction, an issue that focuses on the writing of women. After reading the issue entitled “Female Form,” I had a sheet of paper covered with ideas for essays that had to occurred to me while reading Creative Nonfiction. Reading this writing on an amazing variety of subjects ranging from aging to hunting to memory to brains I found dozens of ideas popping into my head.

The editors of Creative Nonfiction write that they didn’t intend to create an all-female issue but were drawn to issues about “the senses” that were written, for the most part, by woman. These pieces may have been written by women but without reading the bylines you would not instantly pinpoint the writers as women. They are, simply, good writers. Each piece is strong and raises many questions for the reader to muse over long after the last word has been read. Even the illustrations that pop up throughout the literary magazine will make you think and hopefully, inspire you to write.

In addition to personal essays and other types of nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction also shares commentary, interviews and more on the process of writing.

Thanks to the editors of Creative Nonfiction who offered me “Female Form” to enjoy. Perhaps I should add them as co-writers to all the pieces I write inspired by this issue that captured my attention as both a reader and a writer.


Unknown said...

Great inspiration. Must pick up this issue!

Margo Dill said...

Thanks for sharing, Jody. I love that you got a page of ideas when you were reading other writers. That's so cool .Sounds like a great issue! :)

Angela Mackintosh said...

Inspiring review, Jodi! I can't wait to read my copy.

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