Part Two: Will Your Blog Bring You Fortune and Fame?

Monday, August 24, 2009
My last blog post about blogging, Will Your Blog Bring You Fortune and Fame? (Part One), discussed my observations about successful blogging after reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and thinking about making changes to my own year-old blog. I said I had a few more observations to make and would continue it with Part Two, and so here is the much-anticipated list (LOL):

  • Blog every day or on a regular schedule: I have heard this advice over and over again; and now, I believe it is true! You have to make things easy for your reader. The Muffin (this blog you are reading now) is never stale. Every day, there is new material by a member of the WOW! team. There are also different types of posts that will attract different readers--inspiration, writing advice, contest announcements, interviews, and book give-aways. I am now also blogging on a regular schedule with my blog, Read These Books and Use Them. I actually got a Facebook friend request yesterday from someone who reads my blog. I've been blogging on a regular schedule for one week and hosted a blog tour on Friday for an author I met through another contact on Facebook. So, regular blogging with different, interesting content is a must. I am finally learning this lesson.
  • Promote yourself on social media: I know some of you are probably tired of hearing this; but in today's age, this is a must. You have to get out there and network. You have to let people know what you have to offer. There are blogs, blogs, and more blogs. Why is yours worth people's time? Why should people subscribe to yours or check back every few days to see what you have to offer? This is what you let people know on social media. This is where you rely on your real friends and your cyber friends. When I finish this blog post for WOW!, I will put a question on Twitter such as "Do you want to figure out ways to get your blog posts read? Check here for ideas." Then I will provide a link to WOW!'s blog. I also use Facebook a lot, and I am one of those annoying people who have friended everyone I have ever known--including former students who are now in their 20s (Egads!). But it works, and your friends will want to support you and leave comments on your blog and tell other people about you! I have recently seen people leave blog links on LinkedIn also. So, use social media.
  • Make your content worthy of people's time: I can't say I do this every day. I try; I do. But again, it's my opinion if people think the content is as worthy and interesting as I do. If you want to increase your views, find an expert to interview that fits with your blog's theme and find something to giveaway. People will leave questions and comments for the expert for a chance to win the free prize. It works. Try it, and get people to notice your blog.

If you have any more suggestions of things that have worked for you, please, please leave your comments. We'll even take warnings and nevers such as NEVER blog about blah, blah, blah. We're here to learn from each other and figure out our new cyber world!

Happy blogging!
Margo Dill


Analisa said...

Great post and good advice. I haven't been blogging for long just a few months. I know I should upload more than once a week. When I get hooked on a blog and they don't update on a regular basis I miss them.

There is one blogger who uploads a new painting he has done each day. They are beautiful. If he can do that I think I can at least do 2-3 per week. :)

Pat Wahler said...

Unless you write to intentionally stir up fires, I'd suggest avoiding controversial topics.

Whether on your blog or in real life, it usually doesn't pay to offend people!

kathrynjankowski said...

Just curious. How do you find other authors on Facebook?

Margo Dill said...

Hi Kathryn:

I found writers on facebook through other writers that I already knew from SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). You can also do a search for children's writers, and people's names will come up who have put this in their profiles. So, for example, if you are looking for freelance writers, search Facebook friends with the keywords freelance writers, and then some names should come up. When you friend them, you can send a message with your friend request so they know why a stranger is asking to be their friend. There are also writing groups you can join on Facebook. When you join these, you can see who the other members of the group are, and then you can friend these people. I hope this helps!

kathrynjankowski said...

Thanks, Margo!

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