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Sunday, August 09, 2020

Now That You're Started - Now What?

I hope you caught my last article titled: Start Where You Are. If not, go ahead and check it out when you have time. Today's article is a stand alone post but relates quite well as a step two if you will to follow Start Where You Are. Once we get started, we need to persevere!

I've looked back on the multitude of author interviews I've done through the years and compiled a list of tips and thoughts shared by some of the most authentic and brave authors when it comes to moving forward with our writing journey. Once you've read these valuable ideas, please feel free to share your own to help encourage others (and yourself - since sometimes when we give advice it helps us better walk the walk and not just talk the talk). 

Thanks for being here!

WOW: Was it difficult to face emotions and truths about your family while writing Replacement Child or did you find it healing? 

JUDY: Both really. It was almost like a magic trick that I would write my memories of certain incidents and would see a new truth emerge. When I had just begun writing and understanding some of my complex feelings toward my father, it was painful when I realized that in some way he resented me for not being his first born daughter. It was definitely a journey to come out the other side of that hurt ...

WOW: The topic of child abuse and/or neglect is often one people take notice of but are afraid to face head on. I hope the community really gets behind this issue. Was it difficult to face emotions and truths about your family while writing Betty’s Child or did you find it healing? 

DONALD:  Some of it was difficult. I proofread chapter 21 only once. That is the chapter where my brother is assaulted. I’ve never read those pages after that. I’ll admit that releasing all of it was cathartic...

WOW: Linda, Thank you for choosing WOW to help promote She’s Not Herself. It has truly been a
pleasure working with you. I have to ask, what prompted you to publish such a personal story?

LINDA: ............. In the end, my hope is that readers who are still suffering will find some degree of hope

 WOW: Eleanor, Just the fact that you were able to move forward in life is remarkable, but then having the resilience and determination to share your story is quite amazing to me. Who or what do you credit as being the most influential in your life when it comes to your positive outlook and your ability to see the positive things instead of dwelling on what you cannot change? Tell us a little bit more about how you came to be where you are in life. 

ELEANOR: Resilience is mysterious! For me, it’s a combination of divine grace and luck of the draw. I’ve always been an optimist. Even when I was in the midst of horrible grief, I somehow knew I’d come through it. My influences are many. First and foremost my parents, especially my father. Both my parents were professional actors and Dad’s motto was “The show must go on.” Even under trying circumstances, my parents expected me to go out and do my best. I saw both my parents do this against tough odds so I picked it up early. I learned to find humor in almost any situation.

Madeline: ... Deciding to publish this memoir was terrifying, though I never considered not publishing it, if I had the opportunity. I was encouraged by my writing instructors and mentors to get my story out to the world. I feel if my book helps just one family get through what my family has been through it will be a success. That motivation is much stronger than my fear of having my raw and painful experience out there for everyone to read. 

All of these amazing authors (and so many more) provide such excellent motivation, ideas, and thoughts for the rest of us. I definitely admire their bravery and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to interview them. Please take a moment and click the link if you'd like to reach the entire interview with any of them.


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