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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Roryism Quote Writing Contest: And The Winner Is...

For this contest, we asked readers to submit their show-stopping statements written from the viewpoint of Rory Falcon, a very special character in the novel Wicked Good. Readers could enter as many times as they wished, and the length of the quote was of no matter. The contest was open from September 12 - November 30, 2011 to anyone who purchased a copy of Wicked Good and entered their "Roryism" via e-mail. So without further ado...

Congratulations to Darrell Lindsey for the winning statement: 

“Say what you will about stubbornness, but it invented the lightbulb.”

Darrell has won a $100 Prepaid Credit Card! In addition, Darrell’s winning quote will be published in Wicked Wise, book two in the Wicked series.

Here is a list of the top contending quotes in no particular order:

Anytime Archer has to give Rory feedback that he doesn't deem positive because she's got the "tone" or "facial" expression that he reads so easily, he calls her out on it by referring it to as a "lovesult" Which is short for an insult veiled in love. -- Darla

Rory doesn't like haunted houses and such. Therefore, he refers to these types of events and says that they are too scaredable. -- Darla

When Mom is looking at Rory's report card, he says, "Why do you have the 'I want a new son' face?" -- Kim

Upon seeing the mall directory, Rory points to the 'You are Here' dot and asks, "How do they know we're here? Do they have a camera?" -- Kim

Of course, I believe in forgiveness. So feel free to apologize away! -- Darrell

If you want static, go to your dryer instead of me. -- Darrell

If you see a cloud that looks like an animal, hopefully it won't be a unicorn. -- Darrell

I understand that I don't understand everything, but that's never stopped me. -- Darrell

Even the best popcorn in the world would taste bad without a kernel of hope. -- Darrell

Paint the world with your heart and you will never be forgotten. -- Darrell

Your outlook will always be better when you look from within. -- Darrell

Thank you to everyone who submitted their entries!

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