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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Be Thankful and Deck the Halls with...Networking

Today, I recived the local Chamber of Commerce's monthly newsletter and perused the calendar. It's only November, but this month alone, four meals, three meetings, two coffees, and one open house are scheduled.

Wonder how jam-packed the December calendar will be?

But as I perused these offerings to get together with business leaders, chamber personnel, and the public, it made me pause and consider how much networking can be accomplished at events like these.

If your holiday season is fastly filling up, consider using some of these tips to make the most of the thankful and merry season.

  1. Be prepared. Business cards, a writing utensil and a notebook are staples in my purse. Use them!
  2. Prepare your elevator pitch. Describe what services you offer in a few sentences.
  3. Determine your goals for the event. Do you want to cover the event for an article? Simply interested in learning new information? Hope you meet a certain individual or group of people?
  4. Be the hostess, even if you are a guest. Introduce others and help them feel at ease.
  5. Follow up with people you meet and any contacts they may introduce.
  6. Thank new sources and keep them updated about your work.
  7. Don't overindulge. A plate in one hand and a drink in the other makes it difficult to greet others.
  8. Have fun!
Networking builds business, and if writing is YOUR business, use these opportunities to expand your potential customer base and deck the seasonal halls with your writing savvy.

by LuAnn Schindler
Read more of LuAnn's work at her website.

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