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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hi to all--glad we could all make it

This has been such an exciting, almost unbelievable experience for the WOW! gang: Angela, Jonathan (our expert web guy--dare we even admit we had a guy's help) and me. Meeting the fabulously wonderful people and having so much enthusiasm and support went beyond any dreams that we had.

We're looking forward to hearing from everyone as they turn through the WOW! pages...we want you to be as excited about the people and what they have to offer as we are.

All the articles not only give great direction but their personalities shine through. What we love about that is the ability for our readers to identify with various ones and then the advice comes alive.

We have a great start but the real life will come to WOW! through the interaction (comments, suggestions) from you, our readers--fellow writers, editors, agents, publishers and, of course, the main reason for all of our work: the loyal readers.

Angela and I stayed up talking on the phone so long that I’m embarrassed to tell you how late...just going over what's been accomplished and how we want to build on that.

So, stay with us as we grow and offer up some of the extraordinary and talented people and direction to better writing...and, of course, getting your work published. Everyone in the industry will be edified by comments from readers to know how to write or get the best work out there.

Thanks to everyone for being there and that includes you, the reader of the song my heart strings are playing now.

Take care,


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