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Thursday, March 07, 2024

Interview With Black Rose Writing Advertising and Marketing Executive, Minna L. Rothe

Minna L. Rothe

At WOW! Women on Writing, we love connecting with publishers and partnering with them to help their writers reach new audiences. Today, we wanted to highlight one of those relationships. You may recognize the name Black Rose Writing from several authors we've had on tour recently, such as What Happens in Montana and Analyzing the Prescotts.

Black Rose Writing is well-known in the indie publishing world, and despite being a small press they have a big impact. One of their authors even hit the news by going viral thanks to a rare encounter from TikTok user. We connected with Minna L. Rothe, the advertising and marketing executive with Black Rose Writing to deep discuss topics about marketing.

Black Rose Writing

--- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: Can you tell me a bit about your background and your role at Black Rose Writing.

Minna: I have a degree in Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations. I had a very long, successful career in the Insurance Industry while also working as a consultant for Black Rose Writing on an as-needed basis since its creation in 2006, and moved into the full-time position of Advertising and Marketing Executive in 2021.

WOW: Awesome. I love that you and your husband are working together at BRW. How did you come to join him at his company? Were you there from the beginning?

Minna: Yes, I encouraged Reagan to create Black Rose Writing when it was just an idea, and have been 'in the shadows' at BRW since the beginning, working as a consultant to assist with the business side of things.

WOW: I feel like so much has changed about the book world over the years. What have you noticed in your time in the industry?

Minna: The introduction of eBooks and their growth, as well as audiobooks and their rise in popularity. Now, AI's influence on creating books, writing text, and generating images... The evolution of the book world continues to be very exciting. We do our best to maintain a level of flexibility with the ever-evolving book world.

WOW: AI definitely has had an impact on the writing world. Black Rose Writing made a big splash in the news when one of your authors went viral during a book signing! Were you expecting anything like that to happen? What was the aftermath of that moment?

Minna: We never expected anything like what happened this past summer, but we always maintain a level of optimism because of the hard work the BRW team puts in for our authors.

WOW: That's always good. What kind of tools should authors have to make sure the marketing of their book is a success?

Minna: In a very technology-dependent society, social media can be an amazing tool for authors to assist in marketing their titles. Also, being willing to put themselves in a position to reach out to people about purchasing and reading their books, and being personable and charismatic at promotional events such as book signings, etc.

WOW: Social media is very important. How much should authors prepare for the marketing of their book?

Minna: A LOT! When an author and BRW work together to market their title, it absolutely gives the book the best chance for success.

WOW: So true! When is the best timing for book promotion?

Minna: Once a book is in production, there are marketing steps throughout the process. At BRW, we provide our authors with timelines and 'Launch Checklists' to help maximize the dos and don'ts leading up to their release date and post-publication.

WOW: That's helpful! If authors were to invest $100 in a specific marketing or advertising area, what would you tell them to invest in?

Minna: For a smaller budget, it would be in eBook promotions (Free or $.99), or something along the lines of a Goodreads Giveaway or NetGalley listing.

WOW: Good tip! I talk to authors all the time about where to invest their money in terms of promoting their book. What do you think is the best place for authors to focus their attention?

Minna: eBook promotions are great for improving their landing page for Amazon Kindle, then once they have 25-50+ reviews, they should consider testing paid ads on platforms such as Facebook and Amazon.

WOW: That's a good idea. Social media continues to be an important part of authors connecting with readers. For the author who simply doesn't know where to begin, any advice you'd share?

Minna: Start by creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and/or X to begin posting about their title and themself as an individual. Not necessarily personally, unless they want to, but as an author. Society really enjoys being able to relate to others, so explaining how the author came up with the concept for their title, the processing of writing or developing their characters, etc. may all be ideas for initial posts. Eventually, authors can post about book signings or promotions, or post reviews that they have received.

WOW: Great tips! What has been the best avenue for success that you have seen with the authors you've worked with?

Minna: Amazon and Facebook ads have proven successful, as well as BookBub Featured Deals and Kindle Countdown Deals (paid promotions at $.99).

WOW: Any lasting thoughts you'd like to share with our readers?

Minna: It is never too early or too late to start! The time is NOW! Also, before your title begins production, begin asking other authors, mentors, professionals with designations, etc. to read and provide honest, detailed reviews of your manuscript. Society as a whole uses product reviews on which to base their purchases... reviews are a must!

WOW: They definitely are! Thank you for your time. We appreciate your partnership with WOW and look forward to promoting more titles.

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