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Monday, November 02, 2020

Meet Amy, Runner Up in the Spring 2020 Flash Fiction Contest

 Amy’s Bio: 

Amy currently lives in the US but after twelve years of living internationally in Asia, the world feels more like her home. Vocationally she is many things; currently, the roles of mother, expressive arts trauma therapist, and writer fill her days. 

The latter thus far has mostly been a vocation of the heart, and a really good way to stay sane. Writing seems to be the only way to make sense of the deep shadows that fill our world. It allows our felt senses, emotions, and knowings to bleed out into an alchemy that can transform what can feel like a dense forest into a well-lit path. It’s also so much fun. 

Take the time to read her story, "Silver Linings," and then come back to learn about her writing process.

-----interview with Sue Bradford Edwards-----

WOW: Every story starts in a unique way. What, in the midst of the pandemic, made you write “Silver Linings?” 

Amy: The story actually began as a simple writing prompt, write a story that contains the words silver lining amoung a few other details. 

WOW: That certainly worked well for you. With the tight word count of flash fiction, every detail counts. How did you decide on the details that Mary sees in the homes of her students? 

Amy: For me the writing process is organic, it flows rather than is planned, everything in the story came in this way. I guess it is more why these details remained rather than the others that got cut. 

I liked the details that tell the deeper story without having to write the suffering and loss we are experiencing. For example, I love the picture of Timothy hugging his mother that contrast the current reality that she is not home and he can't touch her because she is a nurse. 

The final big detail the door over Mary’s shoulder, as a therapist I know people walk around carrying so much suffering, usually it's right there just below the surface if we were curious we might offer care. 

WOW: Your details definitely take the story to a deeper place. What advice do you have for readers who are tempted to try flash fiction but may need a bit of a nudge? 

Amy: Don’t think, have fun, be curious about the story that wants to be told, go for a long walk. 

WOW: Walking?  I'll have to try that. What silver linings has the virus brought do your writing life? 

Amy: Time to write.    

WOW: You have definitely used your time well! Can you tell us a bit about your current writing project? Where can our readers find more of your work? 

Amy: I’m working on a YA novel that has been so much fun because it's driving theme is the initiation process of adolescence. My own daughters are the same age as my protagonist making it feel really alive!

WOW: It sounds like you have a lot of inspritation on hand.  Good luck with this project.  I know our readers look forward to seeing more of your writing in the future. 

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