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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My Latest Writing Challenge: The Writer's Bio

You'd think telling people about myself would be one of the easiest things to do. Yet, recently when someone asked me to send along my bio to be published with an article I sent them, I realized how difficult it was to summarize myself in just a few sentences.

To be honest, my writing biography changes quite a bit. It is based on what I feel at any given moment. Let me walk you through my thought process a little bit.

I often start out describing myself in some way. It can vary to some degree. Sometimes I'll refer to myself as a writer and blogger. Sometimes I'll say I'm a freelance writer. Occasionally I will say that I live in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes I'll be daring and say that I live in Oregon.

Then we get down to publications. I often wonder what counts. The blogs I've written for? The articles published? And when I decide to pick and choose what I'm comfortable with saying, I wonder what should be added next. Hobbies? Interests? My preference for grocery delivery services over shopping in person? My enjoyment of social media contests? The new way I've organized my bookshelf?

Then last comes the links. I usually add Twitter (if you follow me anywhere else on social media, you will be disappointed by my lack of interest in posting). Then next comes the decision between adding my semi-regularly updated book blog or my writing portfolio. I always waver about which one to include.

On the subject of writing a writer's bio, I have little advice to share. Google is rife with advice written about this the very issue. And no matter how many articles I read on how to do this better, I'm not sure writing my writer's bio will suddenly become easy. It reminds me of the times I'll apply to a job online and they'll ask me to share something unique about myself in 150 characters or less. The pressure in that seemingly simple request is so high.

What writing challenges have you uncovered lately? Do you have any advice to share on how to write the writer's bio better?


  1. Nicole--I had to chuckle at your difficulties, because I feel the same way. What counts--as far as publications--and what is me just digging at the bottom of the barrel for the most obscure magazines I've been published in? What details would people want to hear? When do I cross the line into "pompous"?

    If you get any good advice, pass it on. I'd appreciate it.

  2. Ha so true! Often times I feel like I'm bragging but I do want to portray what I've done so far. I also feel like I don't have nearly enough quirky interests to add for my bio too. LOL.

  3. I think the best bios are the ones that are kind of short and to the point, highlight a couple of accomplishments, and then have a funny line or detail or go with the article/story they are attached to. That said, I'm not sure if I ever do it right. I do try to always include a link to my website, as I consider that my "central hub."

  4. I agree that your bio can (and in most cases, should) change with whatever body of work you're attaching it to. And if you are trying to drive traffic to something specific, like a recent article or blog post you've written, don't be afraid to do it! Brag on, sister!


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