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Monday, June 22, 2015

Blog to Book Contest Finalists: Vote for the Winner!

Have you ever wondered about how publishing houses come to their decisions about which books to publish and which to reject? Have you ever thought that if YOU were in their position you would make different (better) choices? Well, today you have your chance to look over our mini-slushpile and select a book idea that you think has a chance of succeeding in the big bad world of publishing.

Last week our Blog to Book Contest started. We had a wonderful turnout and received dozens of submissions of blog ideas that could be developed into a book with the help of Nina Amir's book How To Blog a Book. Even if you didn't submit an entry you still have time to join in the fun. You can vote in the survey below for which of the ten finalists you think has the best idea. The winner of the contest will receive a copy of How to Blog a Book (Revised and Expanded Edition) as well as a 15 minute consultation with author Nina Amir. Perhaps this time next year we'll be hearing about a new book that had its beginnings in the Blog to Book Contest!

The Finalists:

Dating for Hybrids (self-help)
Dating for people who don't fit stereotypes, who are their own individuals and would rather get to the point than play games. Flirting rocks, lying sucks and who cares who did the chasing?

At the Beach: Life's a Beach (meditation)
A series of blogs on the soothing aspects of living by the sea. Twenty-four blogs, many sunrise and sunset meditations, waking up and going to sleep at the beach, also time at the center of the day, being out by the water—with children, as young single people, or as retirees—musings, seashell collecting, Lots of photos available.

Tulip House (historical fiction)
The story of a woman who came over to America right before Germany invaded Holland. Tulip House is about family heritage, new beginnings and how one family lives out their new life in America passing on traditions of their homeland. This story is about a granddaughter's and her grandmother's love of tradition, family and of course, tulips and flowers!

Consumed with Passion (romance/cooking)
Short romance stories in which the characters enjoy a memorable meal together—be it a candlelight dinner, a picnic in the park, or a sumptuous champagne brunch. Each story accompanied by the full menu, easy to follow recipes, serving suggestions and (where applicable) wine pairings.

Life Derailed (memoir)
The story of how I survived my husband's brain tumor and brain infection.

Asymmetrically, Seyfert (science fiction)
Just when you thought you had encountered every conceivable alien, along gallops Seyfert, bringing with him disturbing physical features, high intelligence, quiet confidence, unparalleled dignity and masculine grace. His story is contained in a 75,000 word novel with 111 chronological flash fiction and short stories with humor and thought provoking touches. The novel and the stories each have their own beginnings, middles, and ends. In addition, each major character has his/her own arc throughout the novel. One of the major characters is Lucinda-Lucretia-Louise (L-3), a holder of dual PhDs, who, with perseverance and humor, faces and conquers her own professional and personal struggles, not that dissimilar from highly-educated Terran women.

Worker Bees (women's biography/history)
Unknown women who changed their local world around the beginning of the 20th century—women who were steamboat pilots, tailors/real estate barons, librarians and suffragettes. The worker bees, not the headliners. I think blogging will raise interest in them as well as help me to know which ones other women might be interested in reading about.

Reluctant Reader (parenting)
Targeting the parents of a child that is struggling to learn how to read. I would use my experience as the parent of such a child, along with what I have learned by reading information sent to me by online experts, and information I have gathered from conferences.

The Historic Romance of Savannah (travel/history)
The 22 squares that make up the city of Savannah, Georgia will form the nucleus of this blog...and later a book. These well-researched stories (one for each square) involve people who lived in Savannah but whose lives played out nationally and internationally, covering a stunning width and breadth of life experiences. For instance, a young girl from an isolated island of Rhode Island who marries a Revolutionary War general, moves to Savannah and becomes a supporter of Eli Whitney who invents the cotton gin, forever changing the cotton industry, and the South. Also, a young man who escapes the Haiti Uprising in 1790 for Savannah where he protects a family secret while becoming a successful businessman and raising a family full of dramatic life stories.

Intuitive Writing, Intuitive Living (writing how-to)
For my doctoral dissertation, I researched in part how intuition functions for working mothers. I would like to build on that research and to expand upon it for a book exploring how women can succeed both as writers and have more fulfilling lives. Using a blog to build this book seems like a smart and relevant approach because I could use a blog to introduce using intuition piece by piece, and in the process develop a cohesive book.

Cast Your Vote for the Winner!
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Please only vote once. Your vote will remain anonymous.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Blog to Book Contest and a big thanks to Nina Amir who decided to celebrate the release of the revised and expanded edition of How to Blog a Book by offering our writers/readers a chance to win a copy and a 15 minute consultation. Learn more about the blog to book process and Nina's other writing books (The Author Training Manual, Authropreneur: How to Build a Business Around Your Book, The Write Nonfiction Now! Guide to: Writing a Book in 30 Days and The Nonfiction Book Proposal Demystified) by following her @NinaAmir.

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  1. Congratulations to Marty Barnes who won the WOW Blog to Book Contest for her proposal The Historic Romance of Savannah. Marty plans to blog about people who played a part in history and lived in one of the 22 squares that make up Savannah, Georgia. We can't wait to start following your blog, Marty!


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