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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vicki Higgins, 7-Step Marketing Strategy and Free Video Offer

Vicki Higgins
Vicki Higgins, who has a long and successful career in marketing, is a guest on The Muffin today to share a new venture that can help writers learn to market themselves better. She is offering a free video that introduces her 7-Step Marketing Strategy. She wants input from WOW! readers about what they need help with when it comes to marketing, as she is still designing her materials. For more information on the video, the 7-steps, and a few marketing tips, read on!

Vicki is the absolute marketing professional. She is the senior vice president of marketing for Visit Newport Beach Inc., the official destination marketing organization for the City of Newport Beach. With over twenty years in marketing, Vicki brings a broad spectrum of experience to the table. She currently leads a team of marketing professionals to oversee marketing strategy, brand management, advertising, collateral, product development, public relations, communications, website, mobile, apps, social media, event management, and international marketing.

WOW: Welcome, Vicki, to The Muffin. We are thrilled to have you here with us today to help our readers who are authors and business owners (editing, writing coaching, etc) market themselves better. You are currently offering a free video for people with a great business idea or book, but are lost on where to start marketing. Tell us a little about the video.

Vicki: This free video is for people with a great business idea or book, but they don't have a plan for generating leads, sales, and revenue. They have a lot of HOPE but no strategy. I provide an easy 7-Step Marketing Strategy!

This video provides a little background on me and a sneak peek on the Marketing Strategy to see who might have an interest in more info. If people are interested in going deeper, then I will host a free webinar that gets more into the details of each of the 7 steps introduced in this video. [To view the video, click here:]

WOW: So, if someone likes what they see in the video, what’s the next step?

1. Opt in to view the video…
2. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and let me know what you are most interested in!
3. Please feel free to share.

WOW: You are discussing a 7-Step Marketing Strategy. Can you give us a little insight into what this entails?

Vicki: Sure! The 7-Step Intention Marketing Strategy involves: setting up the foundation of your business (research, audience, business plan, competition); once that is in place, then we get into branding & messaging; product line or menu of services; website & social media; public relations; advertising & partnerships; and events. Within the program, I will help people engage their creative energy, inner spirit, and unique potential as we work through each area. This video is an intro video to gauge interest, so I really want to see people comment about what they would like to focus on. I want to help provide the strategy, so people can do what they are meant to do in life, love their life, and go make a difference in the world!

WOW: That sounds awesome and exactly what so many writers want to do! What do you think is the number one mistake that writers make when thinking about their marketing plans?

Vicki: They jump right in with a lot of excitement and hope but don’t take time to set up a strong foundation. They don’t do the research necessary to develop a strategic marketing plan for leads, sales, or revenue.

WOW: I would completely agree with you. So many writers are discovering how hard it is to handle both the business and the creative side. What is something people can do today (besides view your video!) to get started on a successful marketing plan?

Vicki: RESEARCH!!!!!! Who is your competition? What makes your business or service unique–what sets you apart from the competition? Who is your core audience? (Hint: it is not everyone.) What is the primary benefit your business or service provides to your audience? And make sure you do a complete business plan (this is different than your marketing plan).

WOW: That's a lot, and it sounds like you can help with all of that! Can you briefly sum up some of the services you are offering, and where people can get more information on how to purchase these?

Vicki: I believe a simple marketing strategy will help you...
• Reset your life and turn your book or business idea into reality
• An understanding of 7 simple steps to make it all come together
• Do what you were meant to do
• Love your life
• Make a difference in the world!

Currently, I am offering the free video…then I will do a free webinar for those people interested in going deeper into the details. Following the free webinar, I will offer an 8-week course to cover each of the 7 steps and a session to answer specific questions. The course will be a purchased item, and that information will be provided following the webinar. Input provided by your readers on the video and webinar will help to make sure the course is super full of great info and over-delivers on content and value!

WOW: What a great opportunity for our readers to be in on helping you create the content that will most help writers succeed! Anything else you’d like to add?

Vicki: I’m grateful to WOW! for providing this information to your readers–thank you! I’ve found that a lot of women have a great story to tell; but sometimes, they procrastinate because they really don’t “get” marketing. I have a passion for marketing, so maybe I can help others live the life they dream of. I believe we need more people doing what they love!

WOW: Thank you, Vicki, for sharing this information with us today. Writers, if you are interested in learning about marketing and creating a plan that will sell more books or get more clients, don’t forget to start with the free video, which you can view at: .

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