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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Authentic Happiness and Writing

This time of year, as we near the holiday season and consider what next year will bring, I'm reminded of what's important in my life: great family, loving friends, and days (and nights) filled with writing. For me, it's the best of everything I could hope for.

Yet, I know that writing is a solitary business. Some days, I write in order to pay for the necessities. And for a few minutes every day, I write for myself. This give and take of pen on paper makes me happy, and most importantly, the schedule best fits my needs and goals.

Writing is about striking a balance. So is having a positive attitude and outlook. Sure, there are days I'm stressed out trying to meet deadlines, researching a topic, understanding why an article was rejected, or stringing together words to form a beautiful sentence, but I'm positive that I'd rather have a hectic career schedule than wonder when my next assignment will come in.

That attitude stems from a fairly new science of psychology and psychotherapy known as positive psychology. First introduced at the University of Pennsylvania by Dr. Martin Seligman, positive psychology builds on what works instead of focusing on what does not work. Pretty simple concept, right? Check out the link and see what your emotional quotient measures and what makes you happy.

Sure, there are days when I struggle - I can't think of a decent introduction, the car won't start, or I only accomplish one item on my never-ending to-do list. Maintaining a positive attitude, especially about writing, keeps me grounded and that contentment spills over into other areas, too.

A few years ago, I shared one method I use to stay grounded and positive in an article on the WOW! website. By celebrating the small things that bring joy and contentment, I not only changed my attitude about my life, but I changed how and what I write.

How do you stay positive about your writing life?

by LuAnn Schindler. More of LuAnn's work appears on her website.


  1. Hi Lu Ann! You have a great attitude. Oddly enough, I stay positive about writing by taking breaks from it! I love it when I feel my writing tugging me back -that's the best place for me to be because I know it means my well has been replenished.

  2. Melissa,
    I never thought of it that way! :) Sometimes, that can even happen within the day. You feel so tired of being in front of the computer and you take a break, and VOLIA! you can't wait to get back to the computer that night! :)

    Nice post, LuAnn!



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