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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Playing Hyde & Seek

In 1885 Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” We all know the story of the gentleman doctor’s struggle with the creature lurking within him. Some say the story is a study on the duality of human nature; others say it is merely reflective of the constraints of the Victorian era. Either way, it is a story somewhat relatable to all; for who among us has not felt the need to hide our Hyde?

In real life our Hydes are not purposely coaxed out with chemical concoctions, instead they silently, steadily grow stronger each time we try to hide them. The little irritations, the setbacks, the struggles which comprise our daily lives slowly feed the monster. We beat the monster back, place him in shackles, and tell ourselves to be nice. Don’t lose your cool. It’s just a minor glitch. Things will get better. It doesn’t really matter. Then one day our Hyde breaks free wreaking havoc with loved ones or causing illness. With all this positive talk, why does the Hyde grow stronger? Because Hyde needs a hug.

Being a balanced individual does not mean always feeling good, that’s the mistake ol’ Jekyll made--he judged his frustrations, reactions, and desires as bad therefore his two “selves” were in conflict. But it’s our “bad” feelings that tell us so much about who we are. They give us a tool to gauge when a situation isn’t right or the areas where we need to grow. If we are truly seeking balance we must embrace both our Jekyll and our Hyde—they each have a tale to tell.

What raises your Hyde? Do you have an anecdote?
Maybe it’s having your child’s school declare a snow day when you’re facing an important deadline. Or when your mother-in-law announces (for the third time) at a family dinner that you don’t really work and shouldn’t you go find a job? How do you find balance under stress?

by Robyn Chausse

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  1. last Mr. Hyde moment came when I got the 10 millionth call from the people who were looking for "Mr. Martinez" at my phone number -Mr Martinez is apparently a deadbeat and his creditors are tracking him down! He gave OUR phone number and I'd told them to please stop calling because we don't know Mr. Martinez. They said they would remove our number, but THEY DIDN'T, and one day, the stars and moon aligned so I was in a foul mood and I SCREAMED at them. Okay, I'm not proud of this, but it felt pretty good. No more calls. :-)

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Somehow I can't picture that--LOL, but you finally got the message across!


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