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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Supplement your Income with Internet-Based Freelance Writing Jobs, Guest Post by Brian Jenkins

Freelance writing jobs abound for talented writers who are willing to seek them out on the Internet. Writers can sell their talent on the Web instead of just sitting back and waiting for book sales! Some freelance writers use job market websites to earn additional income. However, these websites typically use a bidding system for writing projects, so the pay is typically low because of intense competition between writers. Let's take a look at some good Internet-based, part-time freelance writing job arenas:

Women's Magazines with an Internet Presence

One handy website, Freelance Writing, provides a list of women's magazines that accept submissions from freelancers. The list includes a short description of each magazine, including their websites, as well as submission guidelines.


The success of many online businesses depends on creative advertising. Because of this, a talented copywriter can make a decent income. Companies seek talented writers to develop scripts for advertisements, promotional materials, landing pages, and public relations materials. They are also called upon to write short, informative articles. Some Internet copywriters develop original scripts for audio or video advertising campaigns.

Greeting Cards

Some greeting card companies accept submissions from freelancers. Blue Mountain Arts, for example, pays freelancers as much as $300 for a short verse. The greeting cards sector is a good niche for poets and for writers with good senses of humor. Freelancers may improve their chances by offering ideas for a specific audience, such as novelty cards for kids.

Here are links to the submissions guidelines for some of the greeting card companies that accept submissions from freelancers:

Electronic Newsletters

A variety of companies and organizations send newsletters via email. Basically, these jobs involve writing articles, providing relevant information about the organization or it's industry, and perhaps conducting interviews. Depending on factors such as the importance and size of the organization as well as the frequency of the newsletter, you can make anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 per newsletter.


Freelance writers can blog part-time to add to their income. To help make it easier to find these opportunities, there are numerous websites that post blogging jobs. Visit Problogger's jobs web page and the Freelance Writing Jobs Network. Both of these useful websites post a wide variety of blogging jobs.

Some blog-based websites hire bloggers onto their staffs. b5media, based in Toronto, operates a wide variety of blogs. Their bloggers get paid from $100 to $250 per month based on the quality of their blog posts as well as their experience. However, they also can get bonuses, and these are connected to the traffic their blogs receive.

Many freelance writing jobs can be performed on a part-time basis, which leaves plenty of time to write about other topics you enjoy.

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Brian Jenkins writes about a variety of career and job search topics for His writing experience also includes developing marketing copy, publishing web pages, blogging, and writing a wide variety of informative web-based articles. Brian has written numerous online-based press releases for a variety of companies.

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