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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Add Some 'SPARK' in Your Writing

By Jill Earl

Ever heard of SPARK? Founded by freelance writer and editor Amy Souza, it’s an opportunity for artists, writers, and musicians to use each other’s work to create new work of their own in a collaborative project.

The rules are simple. For each round, participants are paired with someone from a different art form, then the partners trade their work. Participants have 10 days to create a new work using their partner’s piece for inspiration.

Why would a writer be interested in something like this? Well, besides networking with other creatives, you might be able to take a work-in-progress in a new direction or be inspired to try a new genre or art form.

SPARK Rounds take place four times during the year, February, May, August, and October. For more details and to see the results of this month's round, SPARK 11, click here. You’ll also be able to see works from previous SPARK rounds and sign up for the next round.

Give it a try and ‘spark’ up your writing!

Image: "Some holiday fireworks on the night sky" by Algol

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