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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take A Walk Towards Inspiration

I'm always trying to find a way to inspire a story or an article idea. Believe me, there are thousands of ways that I've tried going about getting inspiration. But, there is one way that, well, frankly works quite a lot, but of course I have to get motivated to do it.

How many of us really like to exercise? Not many, let's face it. We all feel like it is a chore to get out there and walk, run, ride a bike or go to a gym.

Today, after listening to my husband trying to get himself motivated to go on is Saturday jog, I finally kicked myself to go on a walk. I actually did it because, well, I didn't have an idea to write this particular BLOG. I wanted a way to think of how to inspire myself and, hopefully, others to find a way to write. The past few days, I haven't felt like writing or frankly wanting to write, which is bad for me. I love to write, but for some reason, I haven't wanted to. I felt as if there was nothing to write about. So, one way I have found that helps me kick my writing into gear sometimes is through exercise, but not just any exercise, it has to be a form I want to do. Walking and hiking are great ways to help get my mind to working. There are things around to see and, heck, some story is sure to pop out at me or jog a memory. Today, as I walked through my neighborhood lots of ideas started to jump out at me. The first was a kid climbing up in a crab apple tree. I got to thinking about a time when my cousins and I sat up in one eating crab apples 'til all of us has upset stomachs. I actually couldn't stop giggling. Then I walked by the first of three yard sales. This made me think about my Grandmother and her passion for yard sales. If it weren't for age I am sure she would be out there shopping for the next pretty trinket. She loves to find little things she might need around her home. I have to admit, I actually stopped and looked around for some little bobble that she might like.

If you ever feel stuck, slip on a pair of walking shoes and head out the door. Not only are you getting a great little bit of exercise but it clears the mind, it helps you to think and clear things out. Heck, I actually had almost forgotten about it. I was actually getting so frustrated that I wasn't sure what to do to clear my mind to write. Now that I am more open and can think a little bit, I feel that I am now inspired to get busy on a few articles and make my clients happy. Okay, so I hope to make them happy.

Hiking is another great way to come up with ideas. If you like to get out and hike, find a place that you like to go and just start walking, look around you. There might be a critter up in the tree that talks you into a great article that could lead to another one and so on.

Living in a small town as I do has its advantages and disadvantages. We are low on crime but high on a lot of other things. One of which is nature and another is great friendly neighbors. If you live in a big city, you might find inspiration as well. How about the neighbor fixing a flat tire, or the one that looks like they're going to be late to work? What story could they help you create?

Take a walk towards inspiration, you may be surprised at what you can find!

Happy Writing!


  1. This is a great idea. Not long ago, I blogged about something similar:
    I felt the need to find inspiration away from this electronic box, and outside of this material box I inhabit. Thanks for keeping up the inspiration! Glad to have found this blog.

    Michele Emrath

  2. It is a gread idea and a way to change your perspective.

  3. This is so true. I do my second-best thinking when I'm running (and I'm running a lot lately, training for a marathon). My first-best thinking is done in the shower. Not sure why that is. Thoughts just come to me in there.

    One suggestion: If you're out walking, though, take a little notebook or use the notebook application on your phone if you have one. I get lots of great ideas while I'm on about the third mile, and I can't write anything down. As soon as I'm done jogging...poof!...they're gone.

  4. After I drop my kids off at school I take my dog for a walk. My day just feels "off" if I miss that walk. You're right, I can always find something inspiring.

  5. This is so true and may be why I never experienced writer's block.

    I used to get up in the early hours of the morning to write before going to work and as long as I was up so early, I made dawn or just after sunrise my jogging time.

    A beautiful time to be up and about and an endless source of inspiration. I got a maybe a third of the material in my book while literally on the run...

  6. Taking my dog to the nearby 75-acre dog park (where positive "happy dog" energy prevails) is a great way for me to feed my soul. I usually listen to music as a way of motivitating myself to walk faster and longer and to help clear my mind of endless loops.

    I find my de-cluttered mind and nature-nutured soul seem to be much more receptive to creative inspiritaion as I drive home.


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