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Friday, December 19, 2008

Something's Got to Go!

As the year comes to an end, we all seem to be making goals for ourselves as is evident in the last few posts on the WOW blog. I am no exception. While I'm thinking about the ways to improve, the challenges to try next, and setting the goals for next year, I'm also wondering what to do with the old, on my afternoon off from work thanks to the snow and sleet getting the roads all nice and messy...

After all, as one suggested recently, just like with leftovers (thanks Jill!), sometimes we need to purge our old writing notes etc. That is not as much of a problem for me, as most of that has been done before and many are converted to computer format. However, I am such a hoarder of the written word by others. I had myself down to only two bookshelves, but this year, I added, not subtracted, and in volume. Clearly, my academic books and reference ones stay, but what all could I do to make the best use of the old?

The same goes for the years' worth of National Geographic type magazines. How do these go to best use and not ultimately a waste bin? I found something clever to do with some of the repeat maps: the best gift wrapping I have ever done in my life! However, while I hate the idea of splitting up sets of anything, I also hate the idea of moving all of these magazines someday to a new house or apartment.

I'm leaning towards community yard sales where someone else collects and sells, and the profits go to a charity. Another option is finding a school or library to take them, but I'm finding less taking them. What types of things do you all do or consider doing to help de-clutter your reading materials each year once you have read, savored, and enjoyed as much of the material as you think you will ever in your lifetime? Also, what types of practices do you have to keep the chaos under control?

After all, I have figured out the new budgeting of time (thanks Marcia!), new projects for the new year, and also, set some writing-related goals, as I'm finding my niche in a hobby. I just need some insight on how to put some gently used/almost new stuff that we writing/reading types tend to accumulate into the hands of those who can easily benefit the most from them. Suggestions?


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    We have several used book stores and I plan to donate items to them. We have thrift stores also that have book sections for reading material such as maps, magazines, etc. I buy a lot of my books from these stores and like to contribute back when I can.

  2. Our library has two annual used booksales, for which they accept donations yearround. The profits help support the library, and help bring in new materials and programs. This is where my old reading material usually is taken, benefitting whoever might purchase the items for $1 or $2, and the library as well.


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