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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Health and Well-being of a Writer

So many of us as writers seem to take better care of our characters health than we do our own, for hours on end we sit and right about the perfect lives of our characters. How healthy they may be, etc.

As women having families, we also take better care of the kids and our spouses than we do ourselves. Well ladies, it is time to strike out!

It is time for each of us to get into some better shape so that we can continue to sit for hours on that chair at that computer typing the ultimate story.

There are a few exercise breaks that you can actually do at your desk to help keep you stretched and limber.

For your arms and fingers: First press your hands together as you are pressing move the fingers together side to side this will help loosen the tendons slightly so that you can go back to pounding on those keys. When you are ready to begin typing remember the “old school rule” Keep your wrists up and slightly arched only allowing your fingers to move over the keys, this will help in the prevention of carpel tunnel. If you are in the middle of a thought and aren’t typing it is all right to rest your hands on the bottom of the keyboard, but remember to raise them back up to type once again. You may notice an increase in your typing speed as well.

Rotate those shoulders forward and back, this will loosen up the shoulders, which we need if we are holding them in the same position for long periods, keep yourself as limber as possible.

You neck: It probably gets rather stiff holding it in the same position. Take a break, first, tip your head forward toward your chest, then lift it back looking towards the ceiling, then back forward and back once again. Now, don’t forget to go side to side, look to the left then look to the right.

How about those rears girls, does it feel like its falling asleep. There are a couple of quick exercises. Place your hands on the arm rests of your chair, if you have them, using your arms and your legs, push yourself up with your leg muscles hold for a moment then release, do this a few times, it will tighten yet loosen the muscles. Another good recommendation, place a small pillow near the lower portion of your back, this will help to alleviate some pressure as well. It places your lower lumbar into a better position for sitting, when doing so for long periods of time.

Another good way to loosen up the butt muscles, stand in front of the chair, then act as if you are going to sit, but, hold the pose right above the seat for a few seconds then stand back up, you may need to place your hands on the desk in front of you for support this move can be tricky, but beneficial.

Finally, ladies, once you have completed your writing for the day or for that period of time, take a little walk outside, either around the yard or around the block. Keeps the circulation going.

Last but not least, don’t forget to get plenty of rest. I know you are thinking the same thing I do “Yeah, right, like that will happen.” But, if you can squeeze in at least 8 hours of sleep, you will reap the benefits for your health.

These few tips were given to me by a dear friend who is a chiropractor. She sees many people on a regular basis that suffer from tons of sore muscles caused by sitting all the time at their computers. She stated that by taking these few measures, it will improve your health significantly.

Happy Writing Everyone!

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