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Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the blog...

Blogging is an interesting activity. I mean, we toss out these posts and hope someone will read them. And the only way we know if our posts have touched someone or, are even being read is if a comment is left behind.

Not only does leaving a comment let the blog author know they are being read, it actually makes them feel better. Someone thought enough of their post to take a minute and comment. That's a good thing:--)

I'm guilty of reading blogs and not commenting on them too. I'm not sure why I don't. Maybe I figure my comments aren't worth reading. Maybe I'm not one of the "regular" commenters and don't feel welcome. Or maybe, I'm just too busy at the time. Whatever the reason, I know I should comment, at least some of the time.

Today, I make a vow to comment more often on the blogs I read. I'll let the blogger know how much I appreciate their post. I encourage you to do the same.

And, to give you a reason to post here today...

What would you like to see more of on the WOW! blog?

Author interviews?
Book Reviews?
Agent/Editor Interviews?
Writing Craft Articles by Authors?
Industry News?
Upcoming Event Info?

Whatever it is, let us know. You don't even have to leave your name:-) We want to provide what you need, what you want to read, and what will help you on the path to publication.



  1. How true. Some days I comment, but not consistently. I don't have any legitimate explanation, either. If I read it, enjoy, ponder it, I should leave a few words behind. Good prodding, Jean!

    I should add what I'd like to see on our Blog. I'd like to see more of our readers post Blogs and comments. Even if it's anonymous, it's rewarding to know others are reading the Blog beyond our ezine team and interviewees.

    Readers: write in, write on, Blog here. Let us know your thoughts.

  2. I've enjoyed the posts about the craft of writing and would enjoy reading more of those.

    You could always do a series of "What not to do". Give the reasons why a writer shouldn't do, say, incorrect grammar.

    I typically leave comments when I have the time. I frequently don't have time. Is it good blog etiquette to simply say, "I read it. Thanks for writing."?

  3. I think you have a good mix of topics here on the WOW! blog. I do like the craft of writing ones - they always catch my eye.

  4. I agree - it's always great to hear feedback, something, anything! It's what recharges our batteries, gives us reason to write. A world without readers is a place I don't want to be! ;-)

  5. I must admit...I too am more of a "reader" blogger than a "commenter" blogger. ;o)

    I often wonder if people read my posts too. But I pledge to be more of a "commenter" blogger from now on.

    (BTW: I like the idea of "what not to do" tips. I have lots of those to share. Perhaps on my next blog back on Saturday afternoon everybody. =oD)


  6. Jean,

    I hope I'm not coming in too late on this, but I'd really like to see an article explaining how to get you name/blog to appear in searches.

    Weeks ago, I submitted my URL to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Technorati, yet search results do not list my blog or my name. (My name appears in entries for other sites (like WOW!), but not for my own blog.

    Is there something I'm not doing? How can I be more successful in this area?


  7. Jean,

    Just an update--my website domain redirected traffic to my blog. As soon as I removed the redirection, my name now appears in search engines as part of my blog entries.

    I still would love to see articles on improving your blog, and does allowing ads and such benefit the average writer like me, who is keeping a blog really just to have a web presence?


  8. Hi Dannette,

    I got you covered. ;-) I'll be doing a blog post Sunday with all you need to know to get your blog and website in the search engines, optimization, etc.

    When we started WOW! back in September 2006, I basically had to learn from scratch -- it's a learning curve, I know. So, I'll share my secrets with all you ladies on how to get your website/blog out there.

    Stay tuned!


  9. Hi Angela!

    Yes, you're right about the learning curve. I can insert pictures, provide links, and even embed YouTube videos (so proud of myself)! Big step for me, but basic in the world of blogging.

    I'm looking forward to your post.



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