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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CJ Mouser, 2nd Place Winner

Congratulations CJ! I really enjoyed your contest entry. What inspired your story? Just imagination and the prompt or something from real life?
CJ: The minute I read the prompt the story line just popped into my head. Then it was just a matter of fitting it into the word count.

WOW: I know it was hard waiting for the results. How did you react when you got the news you were the winner?
CJ: My daughter was in the shower at the other end of the house ... she heard me.

WOW: Sounds like you were excited:--) What kinds of things influence your writing?
CJ: I have a few people who are very supportive about my writing and when I'm putting something down on paper, they are always in the forefront of my mind.

WOW: If there was one bit of advice you could pass on to other aspiring writers, what would it be?
CJ: Go with your first instinct, it's always the right one. People second guess themselves too much.

WOW: Very good advice. Some that I need to take myself at times. What projects are you working on now and is there anything we should be looking for soon?

CJ: I have a book coming out this fall called Ghosts of Interstate 10. It is being published by Quixote Press. I will be following that one with Ghosts ofHighway 1. I am also putting together a book of short stories about raising kids in the country.
WOW: Sounds like some really interesting reading. Be sure to let us know when they are available. We wish you the best of luck with them.
Check out CJ's website for more info.
If you haven't entered the Summer Flash Fiction Contest yet, there is still plenty of time. Deadline is Aug. 31st so check out the guidelines and enter.

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