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Saturday, November 11, 2006

How does your book title score?

If you're familiar with then you may know about their cool freebie Title Scorer. Put your next book title to the test and see if it's destined to be a bestseller!

According to Writer's Digest' December Issue (Great Issue, btw) the top billing that a title could earn is 83 percent. Although we didn't put a book title to the test, we did do a "title-fight" of our website names, as pictured above. Really, it's all relative though. We aren't books, we're websites. And the Title Scorer takes other factors into consideration -- things such as grammar type, first word, second word, etc. In trying different combinations related to the words there were different outcomes. If you leave the subcategories untouched, then WD and WOW! end up the same. It's interesting though, that you can battle one title against the next and see the results.

This is a handy tool for any writer researching her next book title, because it gives you some indication of whether or not your book title will be catchy. Try it and see what you come up with! We'd love to know... feel free to leave comments. ;-)


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    I have to check this out. Good info

  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Hah! That's great!


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